why is this happening

sorry I haven’t been writing here. things have been surreal and I wasn’t really sure where to start. so I guess I’ll do what that song says and start at the beginning.

my dad was using my computer the other day because his had a virus and he looked at my search history and found out that I’ve been trying to find information about being a cat trapped in a person’s body. it’s called “species dysphoria” or trans-species. anyway, my dad asked me about it. I tried to act like I was just researching it for something for school, but then he started crying and said that the same thing had happened to my mom. that my mom wasn’t really dead. that she was a cat.

only he said that she THOUGHT she was a cat. that it’s something she struggled with for a long time. that it was why they got divorced. she had been sick, but she got better. it wasn’t the cancer that killed her. cancer was what made her stop acting like she wasn’t what she knew she was all along. my mom’s a cat.

he was hoping that with me it would be a case of nurture over nature. that I would be ok with being a human. but he was wrong.

he said my mom’s been at a commune with people like her. with other trans-species people. he wouldn’t tell me what it was called because he doesn’t want me to go there. but I can’t believe it. my mom is alive. my mom is not dead. my mom is alive. as hard as it was to accept her death, it’s now equally hard to accept that she’s alive. not only is she alive, she’s like ME.

I can’t believe my dad lied to me about my mom dying. I go between hating him and understanding why he did it. to him, mom as a cat is as good as being dead because she’s not a person. what he doesn’t get is that she was never a person. she was just pretending.

I have to find her. or at least get in touch with her. I’ll write more when I have more information. there’s still a lot I don’t understand about the situation. is her husband still with her? is he a cat too? is she getting surgery to be more like a cat?

as much confusion that I have, so many things make sense now. and my mom is alive.

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  1. BlueJacketGUy says:

    Things just got weird, I say it’s a new cartoon coming up, or Death Bat 5, Death Cat

  2. ShinyTan says:

    what the magic
    Jason, why?


  3. qwerty says:

    ummm….. 0k?

  4. charliecarkings says:

    I got a question, is this history for real?
    I mean this is a cartoon channel, that makes it a joke, but then comes the question, why make it if it´s not funny, it´s sad and depressing, it could be even trolling but just doesn´t seems too.
    Seriously someone say already if this is real

  5. Yuki says:

    …The fuck?

  6. Robert says:

    I actually respect animals, like cats, far above human beings. we as humans have so many capabilities that we just choose not to use for good, or not use them at all. meanwhile, animals use all they have and make the most of it. my respect and honor levels for people is based upon their ratio of how much they make out of what they have. this is why a man with the IQ of 65 who can do barely anything for the world intellectually who decides to help those in need because he feels he has a moral obligation, or that it is the right thing to do is near the highest pedestal in my book while the man who has incredible mental and physical abilities who works for only himself or his tight knit group of things that are important to him, or just doesn’t do anything at all is at the very bottom of my respect level. animals are the ultimate representation of making the most out of what they have. i find it quite interesting how the posts of a more than likely fictional character for entertainment purposes can help me understand myself.

    • MuffinMan says:


    • Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

      Thanks you! I second that!

    • Nacho says:

      Are you saying that animals try to help all the other animals? Because they don’t. They eat their children and kill their siblings.

      • Robert says:

        that is not what i am saying. animals are animals, and they will act accordingly. they are not capable of more, so they use their abilities to the maximum. animals were not created with a great sense of moral obligation, and therefore they are incapable of feeling that eating each other is wrong. and while some animal species will eat each other for sport or competition or food, does this not excel their species? will they not become stronger by eliminating the weaker genes of their population? and if this is so, then it make being a human being even more challenging, because we have to wonder exactly what is the best moral obligation to humanity: being equal to every person no matter their condition or allowing the strong to overcome in order to ensure a longer lasting, more durable species. this is also where religion takes a play in the human race. do animals have bukoo religions to choose from? no, they do not have that high of a standard. so what do you believe in? what is your faith? maybe you have no faith in a deity, or a group of deities. maybe you are a firm believer in the realm of “science”, oh incomplete, speculative science Bino! there are so many massive questions that penetrate the deepest part of our conscious minds and in my case, perhaps yours as well, into the subconscious mind. i am not going to tell you what to believe, i am just telling you to think about your pathetic world for once in your life.

      • Random Austrian says:

        and Humans get abortions, molest other Humans’ young, murder eachother, and destroy the homes of other species so they can take the land for themselves. i say animals are better than that

        • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

          That is false, some species do that as well because it’s in their instincts. In fact, animals only act the ways they do to ensure their species’ survival. All animals. Even humans. We don’t use all our faculties because we don’t need to; we have already surpassed our species’ reproduction quota.

        • Nacho says:

          Abortions, murder and eating your young are the same basic thing.
          Animals kill things that come into their territory.

          But we know it’s wrong, they don’t.

          • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

            We “know” it’s wrong because society tells us it is. The Vikings would be astounded by our immense lack of rape and pillaging. But history isn’t written by the losers, their ideals were lost. Perhaps there are some cheetahs with moral obligations that prevent them from eating antelope, or there could be. But they would die. Quickly.

          • Nacho says:


    • Robert says:

      I wonder if anybody here is actually as demented as i am. Or maybe i am the only person who isnt demented. i’m a philosopher, and i’ve come to understand the world a bit more. have you ever noticed how the world seems to align into perfect sense when you are dreaming? this is because you are thinking with your subcouncious mind, which is remarkably larger and not held by the bounds of the conscious mind. i’ve been trying to be able to access my subconscious mind for a while now, but something always holds me back. i’ve finally figured it out: my sanity. sanity is the built in conformity software that wraps around our conscious mind. so the only to become enlightened, to be able to blend your conscious and subconscious minds into one super mind is to release your sanity, which many people would call going crazy. but i’ve come to understand that sanity is the crazy. i know i am not alone, as i have talked to others who understand what i say, they understand my philosophies. unfortunately, they have so far been people who have had severe mental sorrow and suffering. i dont know how thw world perceives my ideas, but i can safely say that many oppose my thought process. you guys can feel free to believe whatever you want.

  7. The other one says:


  8. What. says:


    I call shenanigans.

  9. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    What an astounding turn of events!! Will our heroine, KittyAmy, be able to find her long lost mother?! Will she learn to live in harmony with her cat self?! WILL SHE START EATING CAT FOOD?! All these questions and more answered on the next installment of KittyAmy96, The Cat Behind the Girl Behind the Man Behind the Videos!!!!!!!

  10. kristen says:


  11. elax says:

    OMG, I’m still totally bored!

  12. Corneth says:

    Dude, what

  13. ThatOneChick says:

    This has officially become nine kinds of creepy.
    Although, actually, I find this revelation in our possibly-imaginary blog-jacker to make an awful lot of sense. I have friends whom I wouldn’t be surprised to find out were, in fact, some species of animal. (Specifically, wolverines- bloody teenage girls. >.>)
    Honestly, when Jason decides to stop confusing his poor fans and this stuff stops appearing, I will be SO relieved.

  14. LMFAO says:

    uh….whut? i understand amykitty96 if u dont think ur mon is a person then how did she give birth to u-.-

  15. Clyphe says:

    Why didn’t I expect this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    fhat the wuck

  17. Slater says:

    This has to be going somewhere. Finally, we get some of the surreal, nonsensical, and somewhat unsettling humor we have come to expect from Filmcow.com.

  18. Zach says:

    You don’t have to be sorry. I’m not sure if anyone actually wants you to post here anyways.

  19. Zach says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say about these posts if they are trolls from Jason.


  20. Bren says:


  21. Leila says:

    This has never been more blatantly obvious as being a hoax. Siigghh Jason…her always carving a cat in her pumpkin, every year? -facepalm- Too selective of details.

  22. Leila says:

    And I mean…KITTYamy…REALLY? This is too perfect.

  23. V says:

    lol. Shut up non-believers, I want to see where this is going.

  24. Yeah! This shit just got REE-OHHH!

  25. Ocelot says:


  26. Nara says:

    miau, miaaoooouuu, miau.

  27. MuffinMan says:

    So is this like some sort of werewolf thing, or is it just like an Indian spirit animal inside her? You know, I’m going to end up looking this kind of creepy stuff on wikipedia.

  28. Nathan says:

    Haha Jason. You had us fooled for a while, but this is definitely the work of our dear mr. Steel.

  29. personman says:

    FINALLY things start getting cool.

  30. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    I’m starting to become scared…Somebody, hide me!

  31. personman says:


  32. hammerofthor says:

    just leave Amy alone. i also go to her “drama club” sessions and i just discovered this blog. she’s a sweet girl and you all need to stop pestering her.

  33. Stig says:

    This is like a terrible sci-fi made for TV movie, only with slightly better acting.

  34. QRdestroyer says:

    Okay just looking at the first sentence. ‘Sorry I haven’t been posting here.’

    We aren’t. Most of up want you to shut up and find your own site to write about your life issues. You likely have caused half of Film Cow’s fan base to give up on the site, except for the few that either still had hope, or they just wanted to see if you really were still posting about your stupid life. The few that support you don’t get that you have no right to be posting on THIS site. If you really want sympathy, get a psychologist, or, what everyone wants, find your own site.

    Pretty much all of us would appreciate if you just shut up and went away.

    • Nacho says:

      Not true. I doubt very many people left for good because of kitty amy and the ones that did rarly looked at the blog anyway. If anything, he has increased traffic to filmcow

      • King Icoris says:

        I disagree. My siblings left, and I almost did too. In fact, everyone I know to have kept up with the blog left after this started. The only thing keeping me here is the hope of an actual video coming out (Nick, no offense, but after months, you’re not enough). Also, I don’t believe KittyAmy96 is a real person in the first place. If everyone wants you to shut up, and they have been saying so for months, why keep posting? At least change blogs.
        Oh, and call me sacrilegious, but I don’t believe that people turn into cats. Or that inter-species breeding yields viable offspring.

        • ThatOneChick says:

          The only thing in that paragraph I have problems with is the last few sentences. She’s not saying her mother IS a cat, she’s saying she has a mental state similar to that of a cat. Like transgendered people, who are mentally men but in women’s bodies or vice versa. This is basically the same thing, only a cat in a person’s body.
          (Is that a legit thing? Hell fucking no. But I had to make the point.)

        • Stupidity rampant says:

          ….So, do you believe in unicorns, or malevolent llamas, or undercover aquatic animals, or large southern beasts? No? Oh, that must be because none of those make sense and are made to -entertain-. If you weren’t entertained, fine, a lot of people weren’t, but that’s true of all of Jason’s works. The fact that you think he wants to sit around locked in his room, staring at a computer screen 24/7 and talking oddly to himself is pretty idiotic. Unlike those “fans” who refresh this blog every minute to see if a video has come out, he has a life. Deal with it.

        • Nacho says:

          I would think that if you regularly checked the blog you wouldn’t leave when somebody actually posted something.
          Also, it seems to me mostly people see jason’s stuff on YouTube so this stuff doesn’t effect them at all.

        • King Icoris says:

          Yes. I believe you’re right. I need to remember that.

          No, I do not believe in unicorns. And I do believe them while watching a video or being entertained. But I never said any of them were true. That’s one of my biggest problems with these posts. They are presented as truth, and their validity is backed by the fact that the previous ones represented issues similar to those of everyday teenagers. Also, I admit I don’t have any sort of life (not even online, unfortunately), but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the fact that Jason wants to… what? “Talking oddly to himself”? Anyway, I do not believe that Jason make a daily video daily, or even monthly. I prefer to suggest that he should make a video every other month or so (maybe three [“Lamas’ Summer Solstice”])? I don’t demand any of this, I just suggest Jason keep his audicance. But to return to my point, these blog posts were presented as facts. It’s like that time the insurance salesman was serious throughout your meeting, and at the end of the day, when you’re signing the contract, he laughs at you, saying you have a cat face.

          Another valid point.

  35. King Icoris says:

    What? I mean, WHAT? I, just, uh… WHAT?

  36. michael fucking wilson says:

    guys common, its obvious what it is! CAT 2 sequel to CAT. duuuhhhhhh

    lol kkr episode 52 i think

  37. Carlo says:

    This is a very obvious hoax, and since Jason now started posting stuff himself again, I am even more sure its a hoax. But you shouldn’t have done this. I have not visited this site for months and with a glimmer of hope I went here, and promised myself that if that stupid fake blog was still on, I would not come back here again. Lucky enough you are apparently working on a feature film, which is the reason why you haven’t been posting for months and months… 2011 was your least productive year, even if that feature film(by the way, that will probaly come out next year, so in that case nevermind) is the best thing ever to be created.

    Jason, I like your humour and your cartoons, but I think that you have lost an estimated forty percent of your fans by having this stupid blog. Don’t do this again, just give us animated shorts monthly, keep updating the actual filmcow blog, in which you tell us what you’re filming/drawing/thinking.

    Also, I have noticed a lot of stupid fangirls thinking this s real and actually enjoying this. I can happily tell you that I have the intense wish of you to go kill yourselves.

    And that’s it. I said what I wanted to say, so yeah. Consider this. I know anmating takes time and is sometimes difficult, once a month a video of say, two to three minutes is very much possible.

    • Nacho says:

      You mean Nick: the feature film which was realeased a few weeks ago?
      He has a girlfriend which was explained a while ago and he would much rather be with her than make movies for strangers.
      The only reason anybody would leave would be the lack of movies not the presense of a blog.

      • Carlo says:

        You’re saying that I could not go to school because of my girlfriend? And yes, this is a good comparison as this is his work. Your argument is declared null and void. Nick the feature film took a day to make, and the montage couldn’t have taken much longer. Meanwhile, the second half of 2011 was a big failure from filmcow. And for your second statement, yes, a dreamy, weird and fake blog would be a good reason to stop visiting this site.

        • Nacho says:

          There’s a lot more that goes in a film than filming such as editing.

          Just because you don’t see any movies he’s made doesn’t he’s not working on them.

          I don’t see why a strange blog is a reason to leave. All of jason’s stuff is weird.

  38. Mr Cheese says:

    Things were getting pretty weird over there…. things look pretty weird here too.

  39. Awesome man says:

    What? So not only is kittyamy a cat, but she’s a girl?!?!?! This is all a shocking revelation! Who woulda thought! This is crazy! I know it took me by surprise!

  40. jake says:

    My mommy’s not dead! she’s a cat!


    jason, y u no make llamas?

  41. Stephen says:

    I don’t know why people are overreacting. The plot point that she was a cat and her mom was dead/alive/dead/alive/in limbo/existed has been obvious since the beginning.

  42. Shenanigans says:

    Are people really taking this seriously?
    This is obviously a set-up for SOMETHING, that or it’s just there to keep us occupied while shit’s on the way.
    Enjoy it, it’s better than nothing. :I

  43. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan

  44. Quikhax says:

    How could I have doubted Jason… oh this made me lol, well played sir, well played. /=)

  45. indianasmith says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Can we have more Llamas now?
    Even more Bino or Zulway?


  46. indianasmith says:

    OK, just pretending for a moment that any of this is real – kid, your MOM is not a cat. There is a word for people who believe that they are something they are not, and that word is INSANITY. Or, if you prefer two words, MENTALLY ILL. Of course you should still have sympathy and love for you mother. But you should NEVER want to emulate that behavior!

  47. TypeQueen says:

    Merry Christmas Kitty!

  48. Totalspaz says:

    …I really hope this is some girl who jacked the site, or some obnoxious hacker trolling everyone, because this is beyond creepy. Someone really needs to call in the unicorns to fix this. It does explain why all my friends watch all the filmcow videos on YouTube instead of here, though.

  49. The Super Maggot says: