Ad for Nick: The Feature Film

We’ve put together a little advertisement for “Nick: The Feature Film.”  I hope you enjoy it.



You can order your copy of Nick: The Feature Film here for only $6 plus shipping!  Wow!  So much Nick for your money!

16 Responses to “ “Ad for Nick: The Feature Film”

  1. Narwhal says:

    Nice hair. Also, what would this fine piece of cinema be rated in terms of profanity and other things you wouldn’t see or hear on Disney channel?

  2. Nacho says:

    Already got my copy of Nick

  3. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    Umm…..that was weird but hilarious! 😀

  4. Mingo says:

    We must not speak of the unspeakable one. Isn’t that right Jason?

  5. Mingo says:

    Is this ad available on iTunes? Make it so!

  6. Mingo says:

    Let’s see your quickness this time! Put it on iTunes; I will buy it SO fast! I’m ready! Ready, Set, Go!

    I’ll be waiting,…….

  7. Randomness says:

    Holy crap! Is that actually you Jason?

  8. From the Darkness says:

    Awesome, so CtU 4 & Marshmallow People 2 = win in my book.

  9. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    Why was he undressing?…….

  10. Alexthepitboss says:


  11. nock says:

    so, does this movie have some kind of subtitles¿? at least english subtitles so I dont look fucking stupid just understanding half of it