Nick: The Feature Film

"Hey. I'm Nick."

Let me tell you about Nick.

Nick is my cousin, and he’s a pretty cool guy.  So cool, in fact, that I decided to make an entire feature film about him called “Nick: The Feature Film – A Day in the Life of America’s Favorite Sweetheart.”

It stars the usual FilmCow live-action crew, as well as my good friend Robert Benfer.  Making this movie took quite a bit of time and effort… the filming itself took an ENTIRE DAY.  Can you believe that?  A whole day!  There was no script, just a basic story outline.  Nearly everything in the movie was improvised.

The plot of Nick: The Feature Film is this…

Robert Benfer, an eccentric independent filmmaker, runs into Nick at a bowling alley and immediately becomes deeply obsessed with him.  In order to learn everything he can about his new obsession, Robert has decided to follow him around with a camera crew and fully document an average day in his life.  Things seem to be going well until Nick’s “best friend” Chris shows up…

OH MAN, I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!  So, how can you see this marvelous new film?  It’s available on DVD, of course!  The movie is around 75 minutes long, and the DVD includes a 20 minute behind-the-scenes video, outtakes, deleted scenes, and two commentary tracks (one about the movie, and the other about the history of FilmCow’s live-action projects.)

That could be YOUR giant hand!

The cost of the DVD is $6 plus shipping.  I’m using Kunaki to sell this, so basic shipping is $4.30.  Which means that Nick: The Feature Film can be yours for a little over 10 bucks.  Every sale helps fund future FilmCow cartoons and live-action projects, so order today!  Or tomorrow.  Or next week sometime.

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The DVD is region-free NTSC.  So for non-US customers, please make sure your DVD player can play NTSC discs before ordering (the majority of them can, as can all computer or laptop DVD players as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3.) Also, a note to PayPal customers… due to weirdness in how Kunaki handles PayPal orders, you might not get a confirmation e-mail, but don’t worry, your order went through.  If you’re worried about it contact me directly and I can verify your order.

I’ll be setting up a “Nick” page in the FilmCow store soon, and there’s an ad I’m making for YouTube that’ll go online at some point over the next week.

So, yeah!  It’s Nick’s very first feature-length adventure!  Hopefully this sells well so we can make “Nick’s Hawaiian Vacation” and “Nick Goes to Washington.”

One last thing, because I’m sure this is going to be asked: more cartoons coming soon!  I am deeply sorry about the extended delay.  We have a lot planned, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, why not check out… Nick: The Feature Film – A Day in the Life of America’s Favorite Sweetheart, now available on DVD!

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  4. Flippy says:

    Congrats on your first completed feature (that you’ve shown us, anyway)! I’ll definitely be buying this.

  5. Sam says:

    Jason’s still alive! Cool!

  6. ummmm incase you frogot im not ur fan no more bcase you wouldnt give me a cartons so i will noT BUY THIS MOVVIEEEEEEEE!!1!!!

    …..Oh, who am I kidding. I can’t stay mad at you. My ten bucks is yours!

  7. clyphe says:

    Thank you.

  8. Satan says:

    Excellent….. You have come out of hiding Steele for you too knew you could not protect yourself from my gaze… Now you must get rid ofthe blogger… NOW MY PUPPET!! NOOOOOWWW RRRRRRAAAAAWWWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!!!!!!!

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    Praise Zulway! Jason! You’re Back! Now, destory the annoying one called Kat!

  11. BlueJacketGuy says:

    Hello Gentlemen.

    All your DVD are belong to us.

    You are on the way to destruction.

    You have no chance to survive make your time by releasing a new Chaos Pony.

    Ha ha ha ha ….

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  13. ashley says:

    wut da eff??? why are you posting on amy’s blog?

  14. Egg Nog Jr says:

    I’m still expecting an update from you, kittyamy69. Who is this Jason Steele and why is here posting garbage on your site? Have you sold out, kitty, and starting to post ads?

    I hope you update soon amy! I check here everyday to see what you’ve been up to!

  15. Randomness says:


    Holy jesus tits! He’s back! And with NO explanation!

  16. slater knox says:

    So I guess we’re not even going to refernce the whole kittyamy thing….Whatever Jason, its just great to have you back. I will buy your movie if you never leave me unupdated for months again. I was so alone and afraid!! Don’t be surprised if I develop PTSS.

  17. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Holy update, Batman! Jason’s ALIVE!

  18. indianasmith says:

    He returns, bearing the Golden Fleece!!!

    No, wait, that was the other Jason . . .

    Well, still, good to have you back. Now banish the annoying Kitty . . . or better yet, set her up on a hot date with The Cloak!!!

  19. There is a Got says:

    Jason, I want to cry. You have made my teenage life a living hell by being gone. You know what I had to watch? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing. But now, peace is restored.

  20. TypeQueen says:

    I get a FREE copy!!!! Muhahahahahaha
    It’s great to be the Queen!!!!!

  21. Jordan says:

    This is exactly what the punblic need 😀

  22. Yuki says:

    GODDAMMIT KITTY ENOUGH IS ENOU- Oh wait, it’s Jason…Hi Jason!

  23. Rickkity-T says:

    I feel like I should buy this just because of how long it’s been since Jason uploaded a new video.

  24. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    This is good. I am short ten bucks right now, but there’s a slave trader in town and I have plenty of… friends…

  25. ShamallamaXY says:

    “Nick-the movie”: Gauranteed to be as epic as the return of Jason.

  26. qwerty says:

    i am expecting an explanation for this kitty amy crap

  27. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Does this DVD also come with a box of weasels?

  28. me says:

    Thank you!!! Now with two people posting i can finally stand kittyamy!!!

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  30. Stig says:

    What does this MEAN?????????????????

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  32. qwerty says:

    im pretty sure they are kidding. take a joke or filmcow is not the place for you

  33. qwerty says:

    im pretty sure they are kidding. if you cant take a joke filmcow is not the place for you

  34. cooly mccool says:

    Jason, can you explain who KittyAmy96 is?

    • ChalupaKing says:

      Just wondering, how long do you plan to sell this? And do you happen to have any extra copies of Master Collection left

      Thunk You!

      • ChalupaKing says:


        You guys can move my reply to it’s own and delete this.

  35. Nicky says:

    Most of our vids are improv. Dont act like such hot shit… lawls

  36. KevinTheDestroyer says:

    Jason.. I am asking this directly to you… please answer. I am begging you with the power of Zulway the God of Mercy and the gods of olympus combined. WHO IS KITTYAMY?

  37. MYNAME says:

    I am quite interested but I want to see a trailer before blindly ordering.

  38. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    so you took all this time, took your wonderful imagination to make a possibly fake post, and worried all your great fans for months, and this is what we get…We can’t even watch it on Youtube! I know that you have a life and you want money, but come on!With all due respect-

  39. Darby says:

    so…ummmm………does anyone else like how he completely ignores amy’s blogs…I LOVE YOU AMY YOU COMPLETE ME, BE MY WIFE

  40. JustSomeRandomlyGeneratedGuy says:

    I woulda buy it, but I cannae cos my credit card paying system is nae working, since I got the dutch iDeal system, and you donnae support that :'( seems a good movie tho

  41. Mingo says:

    We will dispose of the Kat for Jason ourselves……Hehehe

  42. qwerty says:

    i want to buy, but i am not going to until we recieve a solid explanation for kitty amy. Whos with me?

  43. Milo says:

    Has anyone bought the movie and watched it? Is it real? Most importantly, is it funny?