lather, rinse, repeat until satisfied

say it over and over. there is no good or evil. there is no such thing. it is just learned behavior. it is things our parents showed us or our teachers taught us or our friends pushed on us. it’s all subjective so it’s all a matter of opinion.

I hate all the movies with the ultimate evil vs the ultimate good because it’s never that simple. there isn’t some mighty god with a capital G in the sky, watching everyone and everything, waiting for each of us to sin so we can be punished. there isn’t some devil in the center of the world, trying to tempt us all. blind faith makes me want to scream. it makes me want to shake people. blind faith in anything. not just xtianity. blind faith in the goodness of others or that everything will be ok or that everything will be fucked up always and forever. it’s all a mess.

people just live their lives in their ignorance because it’s easier than looking at what is really there. this whole journey for self-identity has been helping me see this more and more. it feels like I’m on my own, since I can’t have blind faith in my dad anymore, and I never did in darleen. what’s the opposite of blind faith? that’s what I feel for her. I am cautious with my friends. they want me to open up but I don’t trust them. I don’t trust anyone. the more I look around me, the more I see that no one can be trusted. not even me. especially me.

I need something else to do.

maybe I’ll start playing my dad’s old guitar. he certainly doesn’t.

85 Responses to “ “lather, rinse, repeat until satisfied”

  1. Lizern808 says:

    You really should look into the Church of Zulway: God of Mercy. He is neither good nor evil and he lives in a foot palace.

  2. ShinyTan says:

    This is fantastic

  3. Joe says:

    Is it weird that i’m starting to agree with KittyAmy96?

  4. Nacho says:

    Learn to play free bird =D

  5. Ryan says:

    shut up already

  6. Stig says:

    Go read “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

  7. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    Woah….that just spoke right into my soul….it almost made me change what I believe………..

  8. JustSomeRandomlyGeneratedGuy says:

    All is quiet for now

  9. Robert says:

    you should totaly reply to me email sometime

  10. Joe says:


  11. Nara says:

    Wow. This is my own, philosophical opinion in a spoon. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one thinking that way. Kitty might not be real, she certainly isn’t, but the philosophy must come from somewhere.

  12. I Like Trains says:

    O_O….. I miss carl

  13. So I’m not allowed to trust my beautiful, beautiful sciences now, Kitty?! Fie you, wretched strumpet! I can place my faith wherever the hell I want! You choose not to believe in one extreme of faith-giving so you choose its polar opposition? Fool! The wise choice would be a rationally speculative approach with weight proportional to realistic potential judiciously attributed to each factor in your decision making. But then again, why would you believe me?

  14. Bon-qui-qui says:

    Dear kitty amy,
    Please go away.

    Your friend,

  15. elax says:

    the filmcow mastercollection might not change your life and it might not be the infinite source of joy that’ll end all your strife.

    but maybe in a quest for perfection, we’ll always come up dry. and it’s only 10 plus shipping, so why not? (why not?) why not? (why not?) why not? give it a try…

  16. Tired of the crap says:

    why… i have been wondering ever since the first post kittyamy posted… why? what is this? and now after ive read this, im ready to tear my own head off from confusion and frustration. why must you hurt is in this way, Jason. WHY MUST YOU DESTROY OUR TENDER STUPID HUMAN MINDS SO MERCILESSLY?

  17. personman says:

    Jason, this is very touching but… please, make another cartoon already.

  18. Alexthepitboss says:

    Has Jason hit insanity again?

  19. Disgruntled Customer says:

    Jason, the fact that you’ve continued to post in the persona of a little girl for months seems to confirm your disturbed mental state.

    And that’s perfectly fine, except I’m sick of waiting for new content and being shoveled this bullshit instead.

    You just lost yourself a fan.

  20. confucius says says:

    This is getting really tiresome. I understand the need to experiment with different forms of media, but honestly? I mean this is pretty bad. Not badly written, but badly thought out. I get that you’re trying to get the same audience as the filmcow stuff, but nobody can take this seriously when it’s so obviously not real.

  21. Carroots says:

    Jason, I’m giving up soon….

    I’ve been checking and hoping since the first annoying teenage girl post, but this is too far….

    Don’t wanna sound all whiny, but this is seriously grating now.

  22. That weirdo hiding in your closet says:

    Kitty, I realize you’re not real and all, but could you not talk that way about other people’s religious beliefs? Keep your opinions to yourself, please.

    And Jason, please, I need a hit. Give us a new video before my explodes.

  23. I do love these blogs and i dont think this girl is some fake jason profile type thing, but i really want some more videos. i am at a loss for words because i have NO idea what happened to jason, but im starting to wonder if this is something bigger than blogging. maybe jason sold his website to some fan chick/emo nazi type girl. maybe he doesnt care about videos at all!!

    then again maybe he just took a break, or is making a bunch of vids to be posted all at once, as a sort of holiday present. or it was just good timing and he could have posted them on some random other day, but decided not to to see how many true fans there are, and how much bull they will put up with. in other words….why does she hate darleen so much? and hey everybodys life is crappy in some way or another, why does she have the right to complain???

  24. Satan says:


  25. Sivad says:

    I don’t think if Kitty is real, that she reads the comments. If she did, she’d probably kill herself. And that would suck. If Kitty is fake, and Jason is behind this, I bet he’s getting a kick out of this. Probably sits behind the computer, reads the comments and laughs himself into a coma only to awake the next day with no memory of the day before, and reads the comments again. This cycle will repeat until his computer finally gives out…

  26. I miss the old site says:

    I’m still here, checking every week or so to see if anything has changed.
    I kinda miss the old site.

    I really miss videos.

    If there’s not going to be videos for a while, that’s fine, but at least give us some kind of explanation for this… weird thing you have going on here.

    No offense to Kitty if she’s real, but I’m not interested in reading her online diary. If she didn’t want people like her dad or whoever seeing it she shouldn’t have put it up online. Use a book like the rest of us.

  27. THE Keebler Elf says:

    KittyAmy how do you know exactly how I feel right now? Now I have found my blind faith, it is in you! Tell me how I feel tomorrow, or the next business day. I shall leave cookies out for you where my fireplace could be, or perhaps leave them in the oven too long as a crunchy sacrifice to please you.

  28. DarkAngolmois says:

    Have you tried declaring your undying love of all things relatively negative? I used to be an Atheist until I realized I was God.

  29. George wuz here! says:


  30. REX says:

    Your vocabulary is way too extensive for a 14/15/16 year old, “KITTYAMY96” – we all see through your ruse, you FAKE!!

  31. indianasmith says:

    Enough already!
    Kitty, if you are indeed real, you have not even lived out 2 decades on this earth. You frankly have little clue about the temporal, much less the eternal. Who are you to declare if God exists or not? You certainly don’t KNOW, so quit denying Him with so much certitude.
    And, Jason, if this is NOT real, then PLEASE! Enough already! We come here to be amused, not to read angsty adolescent whining that leaves us all feeling worse.

    How about a video that links Carl, Charlie, and Sam from “The Interview”?
    That would be a nice payback for all the whining we have been forced to read!

  32. Cian says:

    Even with so many of you getting so angry, you’re still not quite sure what to think. Hell yes! This is amazing!

  33. Joe says:

    Hey Jason, just making sure you realise there is a silent majority. Not everyone reading the posts comments, and these are the people who understand the posts.

  34. Mr cow says:

    I haven’t been to this site since about the second dumb girl blog type post. I had actually completely forgotten all about it. Randomly thought today, “I wonder if there is anything new up on Filmcow”. So I then come here to discover that this “blog” is still going on, and without any sort of explanation. I’m left confused.

    Congratulations Jason, you win.

  35. V says:

    Ive just caught up on Jason’s blog antics and had a thought: What if after all of these blogs Jason simply kills her off in the beginning of his next video?

  36. Banana says:


  37. Bon-qui-qui says:

    Oh god!
    Kitty Amy!!!! Leave us out of your life!!!! It’s not our jobs to listen to you go on about how bad your life is. Some of us have our problems to, but you don’t see us writing a blog about it for several months!!!!! Sort out your problems and please go away.

    JASON, we know this is you,
    We want to remind you that this is getting old and stupid. We have had enough. We want a video. I saw on your original website that we liked….. That you were making a video that was coming out soon called breadsticks…. Why did it never come out?

    The proof is here that this is you….

    Your post of the pictures of cats
    The pic of a cat on the main page
    Detective mittens
    It’s obvious that you enjoy cats
    Now discontinue this blog…. Please.
    We want another multiple billion view film


    to everyone (except jason)

  39. Anonymous says:

    well, looks like someone had a flash of insight…

    • Karla Marx says:

      unless your next video is funnier than a marathon of all your previous movies, I think it’s time you through in the towel. Clearly, all you are doing is making people angry, cranky. It’s time to retaliate against the deluded capitalist fat cat known as Jason. It’s time to occupy


        Did I mention that I love you?

  40. MuffinMan says:

    To everyone who believes this KittyAmy stuff, you are probably the most gullible people ever. And to Jason, who might not even be bothering to read these comments, stop it. Wrap up this story arc and get back to videos. It doesn’t even have to be funny, just make a video!!!

  41. KevinTheDestroyer says:


  42. Mathias says:

    Umm… I haven’t been checking this blog for months and months, mainly because Steele also release videos and podcasts once in a while. Now that it has been a very long time since he last released, anything, I’ve finally checked up on him, here on “his” blog.
    I have only one question:
    Who the fuck is KittyAmy96?!

    Aaand a couple more:
    Is she some sort of incredibly retarded emo joke Jason is doing?
    Is it his vegan girlfriend? – If it is, she should change her name to: Yoko… And bury herself in a ditch somewhere.
    Why doesn’t Jason care about his fans anymore? I knew he didn’t care all that much before, but this is a whole other level of: Not Giving A Shit

    Jason, please, I know you didn’t care much about your fans opinion, or your fans in general. But I still kinda feel you owe us something, since your views on youtube is the reason why you don’t have to have some shitty job like most other people. If you stopped doing videos because your other stuff is getting enough views that you’ll never have to do another one, please, tell us, directly, that you really do not care anymore.

    Anyway, a good solid “fuck you Jason” for pranking your fans into believing that there was about four, or how many it was, videos coming our way a couple of months ago.

    You’re definitely not my favorite anymore.

    • another fan lost cuz of this crap says:

      well said

    • Nacho says:

      That does not appear to be just one question.

      Furthermore, the answers to your questions are; Jason Steele, no it is not retarded, no it isn’t, KettleCrew in this thread is Jason’s girlfriend, if you made videos for a living and the only thing your fans do is complain are you going to be more interested in making a movie of being with your girlfriend?

      • Mathias says:

        And you didn’t read the whole comment, but we can’t all be perfect.

        Anyway, I didn’t know that the people on his forum were such scum, I only ever said that Jason was a prick for not giving us a reason for his disappearance (chaos pony, filmcow, youtube, what have you)

        Yes, I’d rather be with my girlfriend, but I’d tell everyone that I’d be gone for a while/ever.

        • Everyone (except Jason) says:

          Well you kind of contradicted yourself by saying you only had one question, then you said you had more questions. But that’s not my point.

          He did tell us that he got a girlfriend last spring I think but you’re right. Before that, nothing.

          Okay I can believe that.

  43. Helllooo Therrreee. says:

    I’m honestly disappointed in you, amy. No post about your thanksgiving where you tell us about your weird uncle tom with the lazy eye, who everyone says has autism, but you think he just uses it as an excuse to feel up you and your cousins? Or how Darleen got drunk and started arguing with you about when your birthday was, and when that was finally over, she started complaining to your aunt about what a problem child you are?
    Damn. No new post from you. There isn’t even a new Pan-Am this week. Ugh.
    Goddamn unreliable entertainment.

  44. Awesome says:

    There is a God There Is a Heaven
    There is a Devil There is a Hell
    Good and Evil Does Exist
    But Unforgettably So Does Ignorance

  45. Freeziez says:


    He’s making a movie.

    Give him time.

  46. Bring Back Jason Steele! says:

    Where is he? Where did you put him?! Kitty, if you’ve killed Jason, so help me. I can’t take it anymore. Jason doesnt blog, he doesn’t video, and he’s stopped answering my calls at 2 am. I’m a firing my lazer!!!!!!BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  47. perplexed says:

    this is interesting. whether kittyamy is real or its just jason messing with our heads to get views or as a joke or maybe hes losing his mind, im enjoying the blogs. i went through this stuff myself a while ago sort of, and the ideas shes putting out are pretty interesting.

  48. random says:

    I have resigned myself to believe that this blog is nothing more than a big fat let down anymore. #EPICFAIL

  49. Michael fucking Wilson says:

    The movie is about a girl playing guitar, watch it will be. Ad i love jesus just like i live knox/jason and i kinda likr chris!!!

  50. yawluZ says:

    Reading posts on here reminds me of the time i talked to steele in person. (playlist live.) , you get all excited becuase he’s a huge internet guy and ur just a fan, but then you realize, he’s a normal person, with normal timeframes, and sometimes he has to set aside his videomaking to deal with real life shit. give him just one more chance guys.