I haven’t had as much time to write since I’ve been involved with drama club, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I was thinking way too negatively before. I think darleen and my dad have noticed a difference, but now when I get in trouble for something darleen threatens to keep me from going to drama. I don’t think that’s fair, since drama club is what helps keep me sane. my dad said that, too.

I’m making new friends. darleen and dad want to meet them, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. for now I just want something I can keep to myself.

4 Responses to “ “busy”

  1. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Amen, sister. If you want to meet some REALLY cool kids, get in with the tech crew. Techies know what’s up! You feelin me, dog?

  2. Alexthepitboss says:

    This is starting to get annoying!

  3. Darby says:

    i want to be with you forever

  4. Robert says:

    Kitty, I am actually new here to be honest, and only now have I gone back and seen where you randomly appeared and replaced Mr. Steele. Being a teenager myself, I do not know what to think. The writings feel like they came from a girl. They feel like they came from a teenager who is horribly depressed with nowhere to turn for help. I honestly feel the same way many times. But this may just be Jason Steele experimenting with his creative abilities. When I read these posts, I have the most undeniable desire to help you, meet you, know you at all. These posts are actually either changing me or helping me discover who I truly am. All I can ask is please, stay with us here. Don’t give up yet. I know that america is doomed, and that the world will never be the same from here on out, and that you probably do not even concern yourself with that as your personal life is in as much turmoil as it is. Please respond to my KittyAmy96, please.