a new life

like I said in my other blog, I’ve been going to that place a lot. almost every day after school. dad and darleen don’t care too much as long as I’m still getting my homework done. though they have said they’d like for me to be around more often. they also asked if I’m going to be in a play or something anytime soon. I said we were just improv and stuff. no performances.

meeting other abnormal people has been cool. I feel less lonely but when I’m at school things still suck. I just avoid everyone. my ex-bf and ex-best friend are still together, only now they avoid me and are mean like I did something wrong. the counselor at the place I go (I need some kind of nickname for it) said the bf’s are probably feeling guilty so they’re projecting those feeling onto me. I think they’re just asshole jerks.

I want to thank all my new friends for the nice comments they’ve been making on my blogs. it means a lot to me. I feel really lucky and I’m glad I’m not alone anymore.

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  1. CommanderJim says:

    We’re always here if you need someone to talk to, Kitty.

  2. Agent J says:

    If you are real: I’m glad that ur doing better. I hope that i’ll keep being that way.
    If ur fake: Please stop. This isn’t funny. Some people think you’re real. And this is NOT the place to talk about urself. This site is 4 a guy named Jason makes silly videos and makes money off them.
    Thank you for ur time. Please reply.

  3. Corey says:

    I kind of hope Kitty is real :/ I’m actually starting to get interested in her well-being. Of course, I get the feeling, like some sick social experiment, Jason is most likely getting a HUGE kick out of this. Damn, this is just plain ol’ confuzzlin’.

  4. Freeziez says:

    Internet win.


  5. Ryan says:

    these still just suck…

  6. Nacho says:

    Proof that she’s fake right there, the majority of the comments are negative =]
    Good one Jason, I congratulate you.

  7. Pablo says:

    You are an evil bitch. Get off this website

  8. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    I would just like to take a moment to say this comment will take more than a moment to read. In fact, if you’re drinking coffee or some other beverage best served at a higher temperature I suggest that you drink it swiftly before continuing your perusal of my thoughts. *ahem* Now we begin. When I was a child, things were different. I remember when the first Nintendo came out. There was something about it being too violent, that the kids were seeing the pictures in the 16-bit and the noises were too real or something like that. But now, we got the Playstations and the X boxes and it makes me think about sex. But that’s just me. Hell, maybe there’s some place out way up there, y’know, where we can all just play the games without the whining from the people that don’t wanna play the games. I remember one time I was talking to this older looking lady and she said to me, she says “Boy, what I wouldn’t give to see that pie half price tomorrow.” Lo and behold I heard tomorrow that very pie will be half price. Of course I said the very same thing yesterday and I’m starting to get a little suspicious. I think that old lady had something to do with all the alcoholism in modern society. I was watching this movie one time with the man who beat his wife who was wearing a wife-beater, ironically. Or maybe not ironically. It’s been a while since I’ve contemplated the dynamics of irony in it’s various uses, whether rhetorical or comedic. But perhaps it’s in the rhetorical sense it becomes comedic… Uh oh, I’m getting off in a tangent again. Where was I? Oh yeah… So I could have sworn that all three of the children were eating the same cake until one of them died. Just straight out collapsed face first into that cake of his and I knew it had to have been poisoned. None of the other kids died. But who am I to say what’s death and what’s death not? When I go to heaven, I’m gonna say to God “God, why didn’t you give me any time to prepare a speech for you, I’d have liked to have prepared something nice to say.” But if I go to hell I think I’ll just say “Awwwww” but maybe with a few more w’s. And maybe I can even sneak some other letters in there, like how cacti sneak into your house in the wee hours of the twilight to steal your woodwinds. I once lost my tsugaro shamisen to a cactus, but I lost it in a bet. He said “Now I bet I can get more water outta me than you can outta me.” Naturally, he won. It had been a while since I’d milked a cactus. But since then I’ve been doing well, I got myself a right good pair of boots. I’ve been living quietly with a house above my head and a coffin below my feet. Or maybe vice-versa… Sometimes it all feels the same. It took a little work though. At least I’ll always remember where I came from and I’ll always have some kind of idea where I’m going.
    And that’s how the moon came to be a permanent fixture in the evening sky.

    • ThatOneChick says:

      I gotta throw this out there: are you on some kind of psychoactive drug? If yes, where can I buy some? If no, would you LIKE to be?

      • No to all of your questions. I’m just a lonely vagabond searching for a home somewhere on this wide world web. I’m but a meandered hoping to earn my keep in a society. I am only a single man and I want nothing more than to feel great as I amalgamate with the rest of humanity. I need a cause and I need love. I’m no better than any other soul looking at this blog of Kitty’s. You could call me crazy, or eccentric—I’d prefer eccentric—but in the end words mean nothing unless they mean unity. We’re all here and we’re all waiting for something great. It feels good knowing that and that’s what keeps us together. It’s not the prospect of another laugh at some stranger’s random outburst of philosophical mumbo jumbo. It’s the prospect of some stranger’s outburst of unbridled passion for a shared cause. I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart. There’s a chance we could make it now, we’ll be rockin’ till the sun goes—wait, scratch that last part, the quote outlived its usefulness. In the end what I’m trying to say is no. I don’t want your drugs. No. I am not currently on drugs. All I want is love; can you help me?

      • Nacho says:

        That one guy is not taking any sort of drug, unless life itself is considered a drug, actually, I do think that life is a drug, if you use too much, you will overdose and have a large piano come tumbling down to seal your death.

  9. Geromy says:

    People, stop commenting, your feeding jason Pure shits and giggles with them.

  10. Yuki says:

    I’m starting to suspect the Order has killed Jason and tried to replace him with a clone (much like Twistee Treat), but the clone is like a female version of him. So this is basically female Jason.

  11. Corey says:

    Female Jason? That sounds…iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting *strokes chin*

  12. dudebroman says:

    hahahaha oh man wow LIKE wow hahaha.

  13. kristen says:

    I really hope you’re real. If you are, continue posting I love your venting ^_^ if you aren’t, please keep lying to me.

  14. Satan says:

    TICK TOCK STEELE… This petty blog is most displeasing to me, someone shall have to put an end to this… and I don’t think anyone would want me to be that someone BRRRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWHAHAHA!!!

  15. Alexthepitboss says:

    Are you Jason?

  16. The fact that any single person on this Earth has even thought for one tiny second that this is real amuses me to no end.

  17. dafuq Brah? says:

    seriously wtf is this?

  18. Darby says:

    I love you

  19. REX says:


  20. Spencer says:

    Kitty, I am happy to continue reading about your venting, so long as you can find some of Jason’s videos and post them. I don’t care if you KILLED Jason, just please post a new video that he’s worked on! I HUNGER!

  21. Carlo says:

    Jason, upload a new video or the cute little bunny dies.

  22. Google+ says:

    Kudos, Jason, you managed to get some extra traffic to your website. However, after years of sporadic video uploads, lack of blog updates, and broken promises, you have lost one vey disappointed fan. I feel bad for you, really, I didn’t think you would stoop so low.

    Loooooool jk u rok jaaaasOn <3 🙂 moar charlie :):):):):(:):
    But seriously I'm just kidding.
    Am I?
    Knox sux

  23. Stig says:

    *negative comment*

  24. Carlo says:


  25. i like these blogs of yours amykitty, whether people think you are jason or not! idk why, maybe they just make me feel better about my own life, or maybe i just like hearing about ‘drama club’ you go to. idk really, but i do know that its worth it not to have anymore videos from jason, if i just get to keep reading your blog.just one question…did you hack filmcow and block jason from using it? JW!

  26. Kristin says:

    I could be completely wrong,but I was hoping that Kitty would join some strange ritualistic cult for a sense of belonging. I haven’t given up hope yet…

  27. Luke Jorgenson says:

    I wonder if we could overload filmcow’s server…

  28. SomeItalianGuy says:

    Jason is still twitting on Twitter. Something smell!