people should stop hating

when I went to school on friday, people were making fun of my shoes but last time they made fun of my shoes, the next month everyone had the same kind. so maybe they should just get their own sense of style instead of imitating mine.

just like when I used to draw on my shirts with pens and those girls laughed at me but then later I overheard them arguing about the best brand to use.

it’s sharpie, because they don’t wash out. but only the black kind don’t wash out. once I used red, and it just got everything pink when I washed it. I hate pink. I had to throw away all my clothes. my mom was pissed. she was like “you shouldn’t be drawing on your clothes anyway” and then grounded me. but then my dad came home and he was all like “expression of individuality is an important part of the growth cycle, darleen” to my mom and he un-grounded me. later I heard them fighting about “undermining authority” or some shit. I don’t care. she’s not my real mom anyway.

I gotta go do math homework now. got it first period tomorrow and I need to have homeroom free so I can do my makeup. darleen doesn’t like it when I wear it, so I just do it at school.

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