strips and stripes, oh my

I’m trying to keep the moodiness out of my other blog so my dad doesn’t give me a hard time about things. but when I watched “nightmare before christmas” with my friends, it made me feel really lonely. I could relate to jack in a lot of ways. just feeling like I don’t belong, and like I want to try something new. and like everyone else is trying to keep things the way they are, misunderstanding me and stuff. I don’t know. it’s hard to explain.

I have been going to that place I mentioned before. it’s pretty cool. I don’t want to say the name of it just in case my dad’s friend finds this blog. but there are all kinds of people there. some of them are really dramatic, so I told my dad I’ve been doing afterschool drama club. it’s only kind of lying.

I guess what I’ve realized is that there are a lot of people that have it worse off than I do. yeah, my mom’s dead, my dad’s flaky, and my step-mom is overbearing, but at least I’m not on drugs or something. and I haven’t been kicked out of the house. I’m still not sure if I belong at this place, but it’s better than anywhere else I can find. at least they accept me there. well, the staff does. most of the other people do too. some are just jerks, but I guess that’s life. winning them over just isn’t worth the effort.

49 Responses to “ “strips and stripes, oh my”

  1. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Hold on a second… That sounded… Optimistic! What is this?! Who are you and what have you done with KittyAmy96?!

  2. Nacho says:

    Jason. Stop posting these things and finish editing that movie!

  3. ThatOneChick says:

    You’re getting increasingly annoying, troll or not troll.
    Also, the whole point of Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t that people were misunderstanding him or that the citizens of Halloween Town were trying to keep things the same. It was about going out and seeing the world, but making sure to not miss what’s right in front of you.
    And what’s in front of you, person-who-might-be-Jason-but-might-also-just-be-an-annoying-teenager, is a crowd of angry, Llama-deprived Interneters who are getting increasingly irritated with your problems. -_-

  4. Alexthepitboss says:

    What has the world come to…Where are you Jason!

  5. Zulway, God of Mercy says:

    I am Zulway, God of Mercy. Your blog has begun to annoy me. Prepare for destruction.

    • Unicorn Trio says:

      BLUE: Let’s go get Jason back everybody!!! *pulls out shotgun*
      Charlie:Oh god, not this again.

      • TheLlamas says:

        Paul: Hey carrrll… wheres Jason?
        Carl: The hitman?
        Paul: What? No, the one that created us.
        Carl: Oh that freak. Yea, I killed him.
        Paul: Caaaaaarrrrrlllll…

  6. Luke Jorgenson says:

    Ultimately, it’s not your father or step-mother that your accountable to for lying

  7. GoodOlPatPat says:


  8. HelloooThereee. says:

    Wow. Darleen is such a bitch. Rayp that gurl with a hot curling iron.

  9. MuffinMan says:

    If these blogs don’t stop after a couple of weeks, I’m going to explode and cause a nuclear war between U.S.A and either China, Japan, or Atlantis.

  10. Satan says:

    I’m getting increasingly displeased with Jason’s lack of LOYALTY, if he does not return before the next week… his soul shall be mine BBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  11. stella says:


  12. firstclassmail says:

    filmcow… i love you all so much…
    except for jason! who is a ridiculous filmcow-person-who-makes-the-videos-and-puts-them-on-teh-interwebs-for-us-to-watch-but-has-apparently-been-kidnapped-by-some-malawi-tribe-and-has-been-taken-to-a-secret-underground-dungeon-to-participate-in-scientific-testing-of-the-retina-thus-is-not-making-videos-and-is-instead-getting-some-kitty-called-amy-to-write-a-blog-about-things-NOT-related-to-FILMCOW!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dieapollo5 says:

    I just read it all with the voice of the unicorns and It makes me laugh so hard hahahaha

  14. Cloak says:

    He has been pushed away from the warm bosom of Filmcow. That’s not fair Robert, He Wants That Bosom…And that freakin KittyAmy96, always blogging while I’m trying to eat my…Delicious Crab Meat….

    • Robert Mitchum's Head says:

      Oh, without my Jason–My Jason, Jason of the Steelly Toathes. I am lost without you, and all I have now are my thoughts and Chalupas!! My delicious Chalupas! 6.99 for a value meal!

  15. Outside da box says:

    Maybe (if kittyamy96 is being truthful about this whole blogging thing) we could find a way to contact her dad about this blog. Then she’ll stop blogging on this website. But how will we do that?

    • JustSomeRandomlyGeneratedGuy says:

      We track her down. I’ve palced some monitors around the place, together with some sentries. Skipper’s hcekcing the origin of her internet source, so we can backtrack it to the company owners, who we will beat up until they tell us her location. Then we spy around the house for 2 days and see where the father goes about. Then, we strike.

  16. Bino says:

    I think the Hell flower tricked him into letting him crawl up Jason’s Urethra. And sausage cat found his butt. after long hours of research and science he’s realized it is really in (location withheld).

  17. elax says:

    the days have been gray,
    where’d the color go in our lives?

  18. Corey says:

    Ah, looks like even the posts are ending too…(hoping for this rumored reveal to be HUGE)

  19. Papa says:

    Play the violin, Amy… Play the violin.

  20. Mr. Happy Face says:

    Happyface: Hello Amy!
    Amy: Are you gonna be my special friend?
    Happyface: I’m going to slice open your skin and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes 🙂
    Amy: AHHHHH

    *Shank…shank shank….shankidy shankin shanks….SHANNNK shank…..SHANK…. shank…knahs?..shank*