pumpkin time

I’m not sure if people read both blogs, so I’ll just repeat a little of what I said on the other site. darleen, dad, and I carved pumpkins this weekend. I carved a cat, darleen did a standard jack a lantern face, and dad used a stencil from the kit. but he gave me a hard time about always carving cats.

mom used to do really elaborate carvings, like the kind you see at those pumpkin shows. she said she was going to teach me how to do them, but by the time I was old enough to learn, she’d gotten pretty sick and wasn’t doing them anymore. she always liked my cat pumpkins. I guess that’s why I keep doing them.

I don’t like to talk to my dad about mom because he doesn’t like to hear about it. I think he feels bad about being with darleen, even though darleen came along after mom and dad had already split up. he just doesn’t like being reminded of her. so I don’t talk to him about it. I don’t talk to anyone about it. I don’t have anything to say, except that I miss her, and I wish she was here, and I wish I’d been a better daughter. she wasn’t perfect, but she was a pretty good mom.

she also made really cool costumes. I guess she was the creative one in the family. too bad that didn’t get passed on to me.

maybe I’ll go as the color blue this year. that seems appropriate.

40 Responses to “ “pumpkin time”

  1. Ideeeeeaaaa! says:

    Kitty! i have a great idea! why dont you go as… YOURSELF!! nobody will question your costume becaus it is so accurate! Amy, hang in there girl! we all go through these things at lease once in our life, and ya just gotta pull through!
    maybe get jason steele to help. he’s a snazztastic kinda guy. Oh, and have you met stanly? He’s real nice.

  2. Estu No Kimi says:

    Cats seem to be quite the recurring theme.
    Perhaps this is the prologue to Detective Mittens? xD

  3. Jomh says:

    *cries pitifully*

  4. confused says:

    Now I would generally feel very very very sorry for someone who has gone through the death of her most beloved mom, severe boyfriend girlfriend drama, or even confusion on one’s sexuality- which ruptures many teens in this country normally due to family and social environment reasons- but then I remember this one simple fact: this is FilmCow: the place that keeps giving us stuff like talking lamas…with hats… and marshmellows who have fun riding flying otters…

    • confused says:

      but if this is truly real and not fake (which raises the question how did she find this site in terms of blogging?) I am genuinely sorry for everything that is happening 🙁

  5. Maurice says:

    I’m tired of that crap.

  6. George says:

    Ok, I don’t know if this whole thing is a joke, but if you actually aren’t “SecretAgentBob” then you should get off of this website. It’s not for you. I am sorry for you (if anything you said was true) but you can’t go around taking other peoples websites. Make a facebook page to do this.

  7. dude. says:


  8. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Oh no! It appears our beloved KittyAmy96 has been captured in the throes of despair yet again!!! Who will save her from the abysmal maw of uncreativity that her father and Darleen have opened?! Where will she inspiration for a Halloween before Monday?! Will she just go as the color blue to represent her melancholy only to be called a smurf throughout the night?! Will I have to create a more dramatic narration for the next monologue?!! We will find out in the next entry of KittyAmy96: The Girl Behind the Man Behind the Movies!!!!!!

  9. Corey says:

    This is fun ‘n all, but it’s getting kinda annoying. So, Jason, any videos? Or are you just going to keep doing your podcast?

  10. Freeziez says:

    This is more hilarious than his videos.

  11. Alexthepitboss says:

    Cats, Pumpkins, and Halloween? What is next…

  12. Nick says:

    It’s filmcow droughts like these that make me wish I had some hostages.

  13. George says:

    So, apparantly you have friends. Do they know the possibility that you STOLE this website in order to blog on it?

  14. Carlo says:

    Again, da fuq is this shit? Did she hack the site? Is Jason still fucking trolling us? There has been a drought for months and months, then you make a one-and-a-half minute video of Zulway, then we have to wait for a month or two again, and this stupid, stupid blog starts of this stupid emo girl who thinks she’s a lesbian and feels pityful for herself all the time. Children in Africa have parents nor food, water or anything aside from that realy, so this doesn’t impress me.

    PS: Watch the news. If no video comes out in November, I will kill at least fifteen people.

    • Poltus Magenta says:

      I’m sure both KittyAmy96 and Jason Steele send their most sincere apologies for not providing you with entertainment over the past few months and I’m certain that your comment to them was both helpful and appreciated by each of them.

      Yours sincerly,
      Someone Substantially Less Egocentric Than You.

  15. WittyNameNumber7 says:


    Guys, she has a Gaia account.

    This is srs bsns, guys. Shit just got REAL.

  16. GoodOlPatPat says:

    I bet this probably some kind os social experiment, meant to see into how much an audience can take of a totally random person talking about their teenage life. e.e I’M ON TO YOU, JASON. IF THATS EVEN YOUR REAL NAME.

  17. Maurice says:

    If KittyAmy96 isn’t real, I bet some of the people who post comments aren’t real either. I’m really suspiscious about That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember?.

    • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

      Lol, you flatter me too much. I’m glad you think my comedy is on par with Jason’s! 😉

  18. Nobody important says:

    I’m still waiting for the part where this stupid bitch kills herself.

    • MuffinMan says:

      How would we know if she did, would her dad magically find the blog and post something just to tell everyone she’s dead, or would her ghost continue blogging beyond the grave?!

  19. Fox says:

    Do people really think a teenage girl hacked this website to blog on it? Jason is probably doing some internet performance art, which I think is pretty well-written, and intriguing.

  20. ThatOneChick says:

    If you’re Jason Steele, you suck for trolling us like this. Release a video or I and my army of cats will break down your door.
    If you’re a teenage girl, get out of here while you still can, kid, ’cause if another few months passes of you complaining to us about your petty problems and there’s no new videos, these people will go nuts and skin you and wear your skin as a toga. Just sayin’.

  21. Sam Noname says:

    Who are you and what are you doing on Jason’s site? And if you are Jason Steele (which I have a creeping suspicion that you may be)PLEASE DONT FALL OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AGAIN. I NEED YOU ANDD YOUR HILARIOUSNESSSSSSSS……………

  22. Krata says:

    Is this Jason trolololing? Or did skme girl actually get onto the site? If she did then she’s really emo, I mean the whole, “Blue seems appropriate thing,” was really cliche think-I-sound-deep style thinking from young teens. Personally I hope this is some kind of back story to one of the characters. Dunno about you guys but I hope it’s Meredith. I don’t even care that the name says Amy, it’s a coverup. That’d be perfect, a love of cats caused her husband, who at one time loved her, to create a blue (Blue? Eh, the relationship the post, eh?) cat to be her pet but it failed miserably and overtime he grew to love her less and less. Fits with the depressing mood of the blog…

  23. Stig says:


    Based on this, the “big reveal” will occur in mid-November.

    • Corey says:

      “Big Reveal”? Seriously. The biggest reveal he could give us is the finished “Spatula Madness” full-length. That is, IMO, his best work. Although, I love his other videos and “movies”, I think there’s still gotta be a few of us out there who are still dying to see Spatula Madness finished.

  24. coolman1081 says:

    What the fuck is this? lol.
    I stop checking this for like a month and I come back to some weird person, who may, or may not be Jason impersonating a teenage lesbian. wow.

  25. SkinnyWrists says:

    Wow. you people are intense. It’s like Jason is your own particular version of meth.

  26. Why the @#$% is this in the new videos section?!?

  27. Marshmallow Person says:

    Shut up, Pumpkin Time! You’re not cool… Good Lord… My face is so soft…

  28. Darby says:

    i love you