magic time

instead of starting a new blog, I’ll just keep this one. my week has been fine. school hasn’t been too bad. darleen hasn’t been on my ass like she normally is. my dad apologized for blowing up at me.

fairy tale, yay.

9 Responses to “ “magic time”

  1. Noone Lovesu says:

    Please get off Filmcow, I am begging you. No one cares, please tell Jason Steele that we want a new video and an explanations on why the f*** you are being allowed to post this crap on the site.

    • Noone Lovesu says:

      I’m kidding. I enjoy these posts but I do know that Jason Steele is messing with our heads, so yeah…

    • Uberjason says:

      Lol. This reminds me of episode 55 of knoxkast when “Diana” replaced Jason for the entire show and Robert had to deal with “her” stupid antics. Along with the rat wizard Nicodeamis and his ancient plastic pedestal which held the ancient amulet to repel the evil rat demons.

  2. Q says:

    It’s gotten to the point where every time I read one of these posts, I hear it read aloud in Jason’s Swiffer/Bino the Elephant Scientist Voice. Every time I read “darleen,” I hear “darleeeeeeeen”

  3. Jenkins says:

    You should go watch some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know it helped me get through all my life’s problemsOH GOD HELP ME MY ENTIRE LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS WHAT HAVE I DONE

  4. Maurice says:

    This is getting lame.

  5. Alexthepitboss says:

    Bring JASON back!