hello, new blog

since my dad’s friend found my other blog, I’ve decided to start a new one. I’m going to keep the old one up, though, so that no one looks for this one. I told some of my friends from school about it, but that’s it.

my dad apologized for blowing up at me and darleen apologized for not sticking up for me. damage has been done, though. I don’t trust them.

one of my school friends told me about a place gay kids can hang out after school. it isn’t a club or anything. it’s like a center or something. no drugs or drinking. it’s free. and my parents don’t have to know.

I’m gonna tell them I’m doing math tutoring or something. I dunno yet. I guess I should just see how it goes before I start lying. I might not even like it there.

I might not even be gay, or bi, or straight, or anything at all.

26 Responses to “ “hello, new blog”

  1. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Noooooo! Don’t leave us, Kitty!! We’re just starting to get to know you!!!

  2. Jezz says:

    Reading these blogs is painful. I really want to punch Kitty in the face.

  3. ThisIsPathetic says:

    All these comments are a goldmine. Jason is a genius.

  4. Alex says:

    you seem frustrated, but that’s how you should feel after all, I mean, your a teenager, this shit happens, hey common, you’ll get over it, I mean, yes, your mom died, and darleen is a bitch, and your life has changed a lot, well, my girlfrined killed herself, if that makes you feel any better…

    • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

      You seem frustrated, but that’s how you should feel. After all, you’re a teenager, this shit happens. Hey, come on, you’ll get over it. I mean, yes, your mom died and Darleen is a bitch and your life has changed a lot; well, my girlfriend killed herself if that makes you feel any better…

      Sorry… I couldn’t help myself after seeing the your/you’re error.

      P.S. I’m sorry for your loss, Alex.

  5. Emma says:

    Keep your head up girl.. you are not alone, you just need to find the person you can trust and talk to. Don’t give up! 🙂

  6. Maurice says:

    Finaly, no more crap.

  7. Jack says:

    This is the new blog. Whatever blogging thing is forwarding straight to the site.

  8. Carlo says:

    All those stupid people believing this and posting what they think is advice… Seriously, fuck them.

    Anyway, this is realy, realy lame and I wonder if we ever see another filmcow video again. So hereby:

    Jason, y u no make video?

    Jason, y u troll us with stupid teenage girl blog?

    • Uberjason says:

      Because this is probably really the premise of the new feature length movie he’s making. This goes to show Jason has the ability to create something bigger that Charlie or Llamas. If anything don’t criticize these “blogs” but support him in his first real venture into film making. He’s been a source of entertainment of ours for years so it is only fair to back him up 100%. I can’t wait to see what he’s planning. This man is a genius and will hopefully blow all those hog Hollywood hot shots outta the water. Keep it up Jason. Your freaking awesome.

  9. Alexthepitboss says:

    So Jason is still posting stuff on his Twitter but not on his Blog! We need you, JASON!

  10. Stig says:

    On the same exact site? I commend your intellect, madame.

  11. Estu No Kimi says:

    Ah, people freaking out when they’re not giving free content to their liking…
    Will it ever cease? I doubt it, people are kind of needy morons like that.
    I commend the people that are playing along.

  12. insanellamafreak says:

    where jason??? where llamas???? i miss carl & lady-hat paul. 😛

  13. Rhujikun says:

    Once upon a time, there was an angry balloon. He slit the throats of everyone he loved. After floating around a ceiling fan for seventeen days, he popped. I like bacon. The End.

    There you go. Jason: Do stuff with this. You have my permission.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think this is legit… she’s on tumblr.

  15. Redlark says:

    I’m probably looking waaaay too into this, but I’ve been a Charlie the Unicorn and Mr. Happy Face fan from almost day one back in 2004 (happy face) and 2005 (charlie) from the Newgrounds days. KittyAmy96 is possibly legitimate, since she does appear on tumblr; but is there any connection to her and TypeQueen (credited in Charlie 1) or Mr.Happy Face, since on both of those profiles state they live in Happy Land (or, Happy Fun Land) on the Newgrounds website. TypeQueen is presumably female and Happy Face male; this being in accordance to their profiles on Newgrounds, but logically seperate from SecretAgentBob, who on both Newgrounds and YouTube we can assume are male, aka. Jason Steele.

    Now my real questions are:
    Are KittyAmy96 and TypeQueen one in the same?
    Is Jason just pulling our chains to see who gets confused or annoyed by a random teen angst blog?
    Are TypeQueen, KittyAmy96, Happy Face, and Bob all the same person (Jason) under different guises?
    Or is Jason Steele really a nonexsistant entity created by TypeQueen, who’s actually KittyAmy96–ultimately younger than we think, ie. “an angsty teen girl with some daddy issues.”

    …But like I said; I’m probably reading way too into this

    Not filmcow related, but I wonder if KittyAmy96 has any connection to Misteroo’s GoodKitty (or BadKitty, from the early games) from Arfenhouse… I shouldn’t surf this late at night…

  16. Kim Jong-Stalin says:

    Hello, new blogger.