more fun

so a friend of my dad’s found this blog (not sure how, doesn’t seem like anyone else has found it) and told my dad about me saying I was probably a lesbian. he didn’t say anything about me calling darleen a bitch, though. guess he agrees with that.

anyway, I had to spend the weekend listening to how I was too young to know if I was “homosexual” or not, and a lot of anger, and a lot of “what did I do wrong” and shit. thing is, I never said I was a lesbian. I was kind of kidding. but he wouldn’t listen to me. and darleen just sat there with her lips tight together, looking at me but not making eye contact.

my mom wouldn’t have cared. she would have hugged me and said that she loved me no matter who I loved. I don’t know why my dad acted this way. I thought he was open-minded. he’s always defending my individuality to darleen. this just doesn’t make any sense.

so I was basically grounded this weekend. grounded for jokingly saying I MIGHT be a lesbian. what’s gonna happen if I really am one? am I gonna get kicked out?

this is not what I expected to happen at all. but when is it ever?

I have to go … I’m not supposed to be on the computer. hopefully my dad’s friend doesn’t report that, too. might have to change my website or account or something. I don’t even know how that works. stupid internet. stupid me. stupid dad. stupid everything.

42 Responses to “ “more fun”

  1. This just gets better and better.

  2. Kristen says:

    I love filmcow videos as much as the next person, but this is really interesting. Im excited to see these new blog entry things, and theyre frequent, and they make you think. I love this girl’s black sense of humor, and if it is Jason writing these, keep it up! (just dont forget about the videos xD)

  3. Uberjason says:

    This is definitely leading somewhere cool. If this really has to do with his feature film debut it’s gonna rock.

  4. Maurice says:

    I hate people who’re like “who’s this”. It’s obviously Jason messin’ with us period

    • Jacob says:

      unless it’s a master hacker teenage girl who decided to make an account here instead of… just… using blogspot…

      ok yeah you’re right

      BIG question though…


  5. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Oh no! What will our heroine Kitty Amy do next?! Will Darleen have any comments to make on her sexuality?! Will we find out if Darleen is herself a lesbian?! The answers to these questions and more in the next exciting entry by KittyAmy96: The Girl Behind the Man Behind the Videos!!!

    …That’s an awkward subtitle… Any better suggestions?

  6. Hawk says:

    :/ This is actually concerning

  7. Steve says:

    I know this is fake and all but whenever I read I can’t but think “Stick in there kid!”. I pray that this is leading somewhere. Otherwise…. I will eat a kitten!

  8. Patex99 says:

    Is it him???

    Either way, I feel for the person or character created and I hope for the best for them!
    Give em he’ll!

  9. Q says:

    Wait, in the first post her dad was supportive of her being individualistic…. hmmm…

  10. warz says:

    This shit is gold. Whenever I’m feeling down, I read these, and I feel better. Her general lack of punctuation, capitalization, and lack of overall grammer makes me feel better about myself. Thank you Girl Behind the Man Behind the Videos.

  11. Estu No Kimi says:

    I still can not see where this is going.
    Perhaps that is why I am still reading.
    Because I really want to know the purpose behind it all.

  12. cUtEgIrL2222349876r5yruuiopkjhg says:

    I feel for you girl keep it up and things will get better.

  13. FUCK OFF!!! says:

    How the hell could anyone find this and connect it to you??? You never told us who you are so stop fucking around and if you are Jason please stop this hurts!!!

    • Ivy says:

      If they found it, saw “Darleen”, that she’s a step mom, that the girl’s name is Amy (screen name), she’s in highschool… If he already knows the girl, there’s a lot of clues they could pick up on.

  14. ? says:

    wow your dads friend must be a genius to connect this to you

  15. skeptic says:

    has jason said anything on twidder or facebook?

  16. Kwipper says:

    So when are we going to get the next Llamas with Hats episode?

  17. Freeziez says:

    new stuff up by sunday

  18. Google+ Rulez says:

    I have to admit, Jason, this is not the funniest thing you have ever pulled. We all know you’re just stalling to make a new Llamas/Charlie. I have to say, you are definitely not my favorite internet filmmaker.

  19. I'm Concerned says:

    Man, I’m losing precious hours of sleep over this. What will Darleen say? I know how hard it is to be a step-mom. Saying the wrong thing can cause a lot of harm to the relationship. Bless you Kitty Amy, remember Darleen probably wants what’s best for you. Be kind.

  20. Ryan says:

    this is stupid

  21. I hope this is leading to something. Jason doesn’t seem to be talking about it. So he either is creating this, doesn’t want any more people to know about it, or doesn’t pay enough attention to this site to notice what is going on with this twelve year old girl.

  22. Uberjason says:

    Post one more! Post one more!

  23. Biligum says:

    I think we all know this is going to end with a giant flying penguin bursting out of Amy’s chest to wreak havoc on all the dairy farmers or something.

    Just give it time.

  24. Stig says:

    She is slipping further into madness, surely this must be a good sign?

  25. Alexthepitboss says:


  26. Mittens the Crime-Fighting Cat says:

    He’s a ridiculous pony! Oh I hate you sooo much, Jason.

  27. Tr0lled? says:

    COULD “KittyAmy96” POSSIBLY BE JENNIFER ALEX? From the videos, watch the credits.
    If it’s not Jennifer…. it could be.
    “69ymAyttiK” !