people should stop hating

when I went to school on friday, people were making fun of my shoes but last time they made fun of my shoes, the next month everyone had the same kind. so maybe they should just get their own sense of style instead of imitating mine.

just like when I used to draw on my shirts with pens and those girls laughed at me but then later I overheard them arguing about the best brand to use.

it’s sharpie, because they don’t wash out. but only the black kind don’t wash out. once I used red, and it just got everything pink when I washed it. I hate pink. I had to throw away all my clothes. my mom was pissed. she was like “you shouldn’t be drawing on your clothes anyway” and then grounded me. but then my dad came home and he was all like “expression of individuality is an important part of the growth cycle, darleen” to my mom and he un-grounded me. later I heard them fighting about “undermining authority” or some shit. I don’t care. she’s not my real mom anyway.

I gotta go do math homework now. got it first period tomorrow and I need to have homeroom free so I can do my makeup. darleen doesn’t like it when I wear it, so I just do it at school.

38 Responses to “ “people should stop hating”

  1. Estu No Kimi says:

    How am I supposed to…
    Why is this….
    Who is…..

  2. Corey says:

    I’m am honored and absolutely blown away that I’m the first one posting this, but…what the hell Jason?

  3. Maurice says:

    Free the seagull in you.

  4. Ryan says:

    lol wtf

  5. Iguana Baritone says:

    So, so true.

  6. Linesman says:

    As fascinating as the internal monologue (or possibly diary entry) of a twelve-year-old girl can be, does this have anything to do with the month-and-a-half-old content drought? Does it contain SECRET HINTS, which I am simply too not-a-cryptographer to decipher, or is it a clever distraction meant to turn our attention from some evil plot or another that may be brewing in the background? Everything looks smaller in the background, you should bring it to the foreground so we can see it better. I know the word “foreground” because I took an art class in middle school.

  7. mister says:

    Why is this not in movie format

  8. Carlo says:

    Seriously, I was pissed when I read this. We don’t give a fuck about stupid teeny problems. We want a new video, we have been waiting for more than two months.

    • Freeziez says:

      Yeah! It’s not fair that we don’t get the movies that he puts hard work into as soon as we want! He can’t have a life! MAKE MORE VIDEOS!

      • NIck says:

        I don’t care if he wants to have a life and not post videos, but he should at least let us know. I have been checking this site religiously since he said that there would be “regular updates.” Whether he makes videos or not, he shouldn’t get our hopes up then not even let us know when he doesn’t have the time to follow through.

        • Freeziez says:

          He mentions it all the time in Chaos Pony.

          • JustSomeRandomlyGeneratedGuy says:

            Not everyone can listen to Chaos Pony.

          • Freeziez says:

            If he puts up the videos on his own time, we shouldn’t be bothering him. And if you get your hopes up that much for a 3-minute internet video, then you really have no life.

        • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

          Actually, Jason said he’d be updating regularly in terms of both blogs and videos. In that sense he has been faithful to the point of sadism.

          • Freeziez says:

            Just let him be. Jesus Christ, if you were him, I’m sure you wouldn’t want all these people hating on you to do something that you do for fun when they want you to.

          • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

            I’m not hating on Jason, I’m thoroughly entertained by this little blog of his! ^.^


    • Johnny says:

      Shut up and listen to Chaos Pony.

  9. Dudeman says:

    boom Jason Steele is a woman who goes by the internet alias of KittyAmy96 and this is just her way of letting us know that she did this is her artistic vision. IN OTHER WORDS JASON IS ARTISTIC CREATION OF KITTYAMY96. bravo KittyAmy96 bravo…

  10. gaggle says:

    Stop expecting to be handed everything. Nicely random.

  11. Will says:

    Yur dumb

  12. Drew says:

    who is you..

  13. Jake says:

    I like reading about others’ teen problems, it makes me feel better about my own 😀

    • JustSomeRandomlyGeneratedGuy says:

      I like reading about other teens thinking they’re more clever, thinking they’ve ‘found the way/truth’, while infact, they’re symbiotic assholes speculating on lies.

  14. Alex says:


  15. Jacob says:

    I realize given how you’ve ignored everyone else that there’s no point in saying this but…

    Who ARE you??????????

  16. Bob smith says:

    Who is this? Why is this happening?

  17. Alexthepitboss says:


  18. Aiden k. says:

    THIS AINT JASON… look who its posted by!!! DUH haha yeah… SUM CHICK OR SUMTHING…. but kinda harsh, its life hah

  19. pielord13 says:

    Who are you and when will jason post new Videos

  20. judy says:


    i’m confused.