Zulway: God of Mercy

Hello everyone!  It is new cartoon time!


My apologies for the extended absence, I have been sick / busy / madly in love / traveling / learning how to make muffins.  Expect regular updates soon, including detailed blog postings and behind the scenes stuff.

And lemurs.

Here is a lemur:

28 Responses to “ “Zulway: God of Mercy”

  1. Joshua says:

    You better be serious about the lemurs, and I expect ocelots too. Mmmm… Ocelots…

  2. Thank you for the lemur and the new cartoon.

  3. dewby says:

    you leave for four months and come back with a minute and a half long short.

  4. AngelKore says:

    Holy shit an update D;
    I do enjoy a good Lemur. Although, as Josh said, I’m still waiting on that Jason/Ocelot porno you (inferred) promised us.

  5. Awesome, loved the short, well worth the wait. Can’t wait for more stuff. The lemur wasn’t my favorite though :/ could have been better

  6. Seth Forsman says:

    We waited four months for this?

    • Keven says:

      Dude, you’re such an jerk. Jason’s clearly got more important things in his life than make sure every cartoon he puts out is freakin’ gold in your eyes. He’s working on like over twenty projects, some big, some not. You’re lucky he gave us anything at all. I personally liked its quirkiness and it’s a good teaser for what’s to come. Keep it up, Jason!

    • Megore says:

      Hes got to take some time off for himself once in a while.

      Especially if hes learning how to make muffins, theres not a more important time in a mans life when he learns how to make muffins.

  7. hsuhsufaktori says:

    What happened to Fancysaurus Rex and Charlie 4?

  8. FlamingRodent says:

    sweet lemurs i watched all your videos yesterday and i liked them all mainly the llamas in hats though make those muffins lol

  9. Agent Wonderful says:

    Gaaawd, why does no one care that you have been madly in love?

  10. Joe says:

    Madly in love with ocelots.

  11. EScopeAttack says:

    Haha I was actually quite impressed with this one. Good work, Jason!

  12. TypeQueen says:

    I like the madly in love part! About time!!

  13. Kevone says:

    You’ve done it agian, Mr. Steele. Welcome back home.

  14. Michael Scott says:

    As always you rock Jason! I love how random you are lol. When are you going to make another film cow master collection? Keep doing funny vocies. Also I listened to the whole detective mittens meow track! Lol ok going to make muffins ttyl

  15. Carbon Based Life Form says:

    I await the day lemurs take over the world. No really. Everyone thinks its gonna be King Kong or the chimpanzees but my alliegences lie with the Lemurs… Gosh I am weird.

  16. coolman1081 says:

    This one of the videos that I could see a sequel to.

  17. coolman1081 says:

    Jason you should just post your current project que on the blog.

  18. Matt Bentley says:

    Excellent work mr Steele.
    Incidentally, the old http://www.filmcow.com/movies.html page still exists and doesn’t update with the new movies. Just so’s you know-

  19. Alesana says:

    Muffins are good. Please do share your infamous recipes Jason. Please do. And tell us where you find such wonderful lemurs

  20. Google+ is the new Facebook and Twitter combined says:

    I like how the lemur picture you used is the first one that comes up on Google images

  21. PieMonster says:

    Jason, you have failed me. I WANT UPDATES MORE THAN I WANT YOUR MUFFINS