Chaos Pony, and other things…

For anyone not aware, I have a weekly audio podcast called Chaos Pony that I host with Chris Alex (voice of Carl the llama) and Robert Benfer.  Last weekend we attended the internet conference Playlist LIVE, and the most recent episode of our podcast details our experience there.

In other news, Mighty Fine is now selling Marshmallow People shirts in their FilmCow section, be sure to check them out.  They have some really great designs.

Also, thanks to the writers of the CBS show “The Good Wife” for the Llamas with Hats reference in their latest episode!  Awesome!

11 Responses to “ “Chaos Pony, and other things…”

  1. Michael says:

    Lol, it seems the writers of The Good Wife have humor.
    Is this a show you watch, or how did it come to your attention that they included this?

    • Jason Steele says:

      Those are only the items I’ve posted publicly.

      Google doesn’t index inside non-indexable directories, they just collect publicly available links and present those when you search that directory.

  2. EScopeAttack says:

    Haha, Llamas with Hats is the best. Lookin’ forward to the next Chaos Pony Jason!

  3. Was out of town for last weekend and totally missed Playlist LIVE. I am sad.

    The website looks awesome and amazing and awesome.

    Also, please stop releasing so many Chaos Pony episodes, I haven’t enough time to listen. Thank you.

  4. Jasmine says:

    OH MY GOD.
    I now wish I watched The Good Wife. That was amazing. XD

  5. Tyler Moore says:

    Too bad they didn’t say it right.

  6. I’ll tune in!…

  7. FilmCowFan11 says:

    I love the videos on this site so much! They are so funny! I really wish we didn’t have to wait over a month for a new one to come out though. It’s sort of a turn-off for big fans such as myself to have to wait so long in between videos. Please come out with a new one soon!