Welcome to the new FilmCow!


I still have some graphical tweeks to make, but the new site design is largely complete. The “blog” area now has greater prominance, and in addition to news about upcoming videos I will be posting behind-the-scenes items and basic tutorials here. Also, I’ve moved a couple posts over from the previous blog so that it doesn’t feel quite so empty at the moment.

For anyone interested, here’s a look back at past FilmCow site designs:







Wow! Exciting!

Anyway, I hope everyone likes the new site.

28 Responses to “ “Welcome to the new FilmCow!”

  1. Eric says:

    Lookin’ snazzy!

    • Lizzy says:

      I just want to say I LOVE your videos! It all started with Charlie the Unicorn & i was instantly HOOKED! I await your next video with exstream patience! Please notify me when more are published! I love the new design! Its neat, orderly, & easy to locate your desired destination. Thanks Again!

  2. Vanderhoff says:

    Wrong description for Spatula Madness on Movies page I think. other than that though the site looks great, much better in my opinion.

  3. Millofandubs says:

    It looks great Jason!!!!!

    And this way people will catch up with the updates much more quickly.

    I remember the 2006 design,
    that was a good one=)

  4. Dylan says:

    Wow, lookin good. The videos section looks fantastic, lovin the new style.

  5. Dylan says:

    also, *tweak, and in the Spatula Madness umm… thingy that says what it is about, it is the thingy for the animal. You must fix this.

  6. Dakotah M. says:

    I really like the new site design! It feels very tidy and neat. Not saying the last design wasn’t. The description for The Filmcow Master Collection seems very similar to The Animal description. Just letting you know 🙂 Keep up the great work! Your videos are the best!

  7. The description for The Filmcow Master Collection is the description for the Animal.

    Otherwise site looks FANTASTIC

  8. Jamez says:

    I love the cat at the top right xD

  9. One huge problem is NO MORE EDUARDO SPATULAHANDS!!!

  10. Doijj says:

    Very nice, I like very much!!

  11. Michael says:

    I wanna see the Guard I and II videos 😀

  12. CLYPHE! says:

    Why is it that when I typed “Filmcow.com” I went to the new site. Then I closed it and opened it back up later today, but i went to the old design. Then I closed that, but went back to the new design. Why would this happen?

  13. Sterry says:

    No more Movie posters?

  14. CLYPHE! says:

    “I don’t use “tweening”, which means when you see something moving I’ve actually gone and moved it every frame, the computer didn’t fill in any of the movements for me.”

    Isn’t there supposed to be a period between “moving” and “I’ve”?

    (This is the third paragraph from the bottom, on the llamas tutorial)

    • Audo says:

      No, it’s actually gramatically correct – unless you use Oxford commas, then it would be, “when you see something moving, I’ve actually gone and moved it every frame”. The only part that sounds ‘off’ is that last part.

  15. AlexthePitBoss says:

    Cool. A new site!

  16. Leopleurodon says:

    All of your work is great stuff. After seeing Charlie the Unicorn I checked out the rest of your YouTube channel, and finally, I ended up here, just… Sitting there an hour long watching every single video. And every single one of them is amazing. I am curious though: Do you get paid for this? Is this a hobby of yours? Or is it possibly not that expensive to create these videos, for some, such as the Cloak, the Charlie the Unicorn series and Spatula madness must take a lot of work. Also, the live action videos contain different people most of the time. Do you work with a standard team or has it changed a lot throughout these seven years the site existed?

    And then finally I want to say thanks and greetings from all you’re fans here in the Netherlands!

    • Jason Steele says:

      I currently make my living off of these videos, through ad revenue on YouTube and merchandise sales.

      Most of the people I work with have stayed the same. It’s not really a “team” so much as “people I know,” hah. I generally do all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and use people I know as actors. Recently Chris (voice of Carl the llama) has begun working more closely with the site and you’ll be hearing his voice in a lot more cartoons.

  17. EScopeAttack says:

    Hey, Jason! Great new site and I look forward to seeing your new videos. I am one of FilmCow and Chaos Pony’s biggest fans and I aspire to be just like you so keep up the good work. 😀

  18. Corneth says:

    Hey Jason, just wondering, Are you still doing Chaos Pony, or Have you scrapped the show? I noticed that the new episode still isn’t in yet, and I’m 60% sure that you just need a break from designing your website’s stylish overhaul,but, hell, I’m just an impatient paranoid creep.

  19. Nicolas B. says:

    First: I love what you do. The cartoons especially.

    Anyway, juste wanted to say that I actually “hate” the new design of your website :/
    It’s “cold”, not friendly. Looks like the 2003’s design.
    I hardly prefer the previous one and the 2007’s.

    But I still love what you do. 🙂