7 Responses to “ “FIRST”

  1. Tino says:

    Catturday!!! Make Mittens part of it!

  2. Clyphe says:

    God dammit jason… Your site just keep getting better

  3. AlexthePitBoss says:


  4. Maji says:

    Yay for kittenz :3

  5. EScopeAttack says:

    Reminds me of Detective Mittens haha

  6. dumbassguy says:

    I love cats, because they are fluffy and funny and cute at the same time. If I get the chance to reincarnate, I believe I would become a cat because I´m fluffy too…and ont top of that I´m awesome, just like cats! Cats rule the world and someday I´ll become a cat myself and rule over the whole universe!!!